I’m the Storm Door Guy and for the last 16 years I have been installing storm, security, and screen doors day in and day out. It’s what I do, what I know, and what I love. Some people think it’s weird, but thousands of customers have told me I am really good at it! With over 16,000 installations under my belt, I have either seen, caused, or fixed almost everything that can go wrong with them.

I have put this website together for one purpose: to make your life easier.

I've scoured the web to put all of the necessary information about storm doors in one location so you don't need to spend hours looking through hundreds of websites only to be more confused about what to do.


Based on my decades of experience (both good and bad), my website gives you all of the real-world information you need about storm doors. From choosing the right one for your particular application, to properly measuring, installing, and sometimes fixing them. I’ve got owners manuals, installation instructions, how-to videos, and more. Unlike the owner’s manuals that tell you how things should work in a perfect world, I show you how things REALLY work in the real world!

So all you have to decide is where to begin:


I want to start from the beginning and learn about the basics of storm doors from what they are made of to the various styles, sizes, handings, manufacturers and more. 


I'm pretty sure I know what storm door I want already, but  I just want to know what the Storm Door Guy and others are saying about it to make sure I am making the right decision.


I'm ready to go!


I have researched all of my options, read the reviews and I know the storm door I want to buy right now.

Get it Installed

I've purchased my door but I don't want to install it myself.

I want the Storm Door Guy and his team to install my new storm door!

Dan is great! We bought through Lowe's and I got a call about 30 minutes later to schedule. Had to special order but when it arrived Dan got it installed the next day. Great workmanship and he explained everything every step of the way. Would highly recommend The Storm Door Guy!

James Wyatt, Parker CO

Dan is the man! He helped us to prevent global warming this winter by installing our storm door with efficiency and expert workmanship. Highly recommended!


Zev Barnett, Aurora, CO