"Stop telling people how good you are. Your quality of work speaks for itself. 

If you're the best, your work will show it and your customers will say it.

If you're not the best, then it's better to keep your mouth shut anyway."


                              - Storm Door Guy

Customer Testimonials

Our Work

You've probably heard the saying, "Jack of all Trades, Master of None."

It basically means someone who knows a little about a lot. But not enough to master anything. At Storm Door Guy, we do one thing and one thing only - storm doors.

It started in 2004 when I was brought on with a contractor to install  entry doors for a big box retailer. A couple weeks in, I realized none of the entry door contractors liked doing storm/security doors. They weren't easy and never paid as well. They were time consuming and weren't worth it to them. And because they hated installing them, it showed in their work.

As fate would have it, I discovered a niche and a talent, and shortly after was brought on directly to do that one task - install storm doors.

Years later, I can tongue-in-cheek say that I have seen, caused, or fixed every problem  you could ever have with a storm door. 

Below are just a couple examples of our work and our projects.


Oversized Tradewinds Entry

This was a fun project. It was a single entry door that had 2 side lite windows. Very common in new construction. We had to build out both door jambs to be flush with the header before mounting a storm door. The customer chose an 8' Larson Tradewinds because they didn't want to change out glass and screen every season.


Now, they get a ton of natural light in their entryway, prevent heat loss with the new storm door, and have a layer of protection between them and the outside!

Added Security

This customer had heard about a rash of thefts in the neighborhood and wanted to add more security. I recommended the Geneva steel door.

Made of solid steel, I love the modern look of the arch instead of the "prison bar" look many security doors have. And with the tempered glass and dual deadbolt, she can rest easier.

Now, it will take 20 minutes and a welding torch to get through this entryway.


Double Trouble

Double doors like these can be a headache. They constantly leak air and are not as secure as single doors because of a weaker center post.

This client wanted to seal the opening better, improve security and maximize daylight in a dark entryway.

Adding these fullview french double storm doors totally changed the curb appeal of this home.


They framed the existing wooden entry doors well, sealed out most of the drafts, and added a layer of protection when the owner answers the door.

Doggie Doors

All pet owners know the pain of having to let our critters out every time nature calls. And nature seems to call them like a telemarketer!

This owner was tired of having their days and nights interrupted, so they installed a full view pet door.

Now, the puppers can let herself in and out as much as she wants, and the homeowner doesn't even have to get off the couch to open the door.

And when it's time to stay in, simply put the doggie door stop over the flap and everything is sealed tight.