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Larson Signature Storm DoorThe Larson Signatures series storm doors can be found at and Lowe’s hardware store throughout the nation. It is a full view door, meaning there is either a solid pane of glass or a solid screen that can be put in at anytime, but you can’t have both in at once. This storm door is an extruded (hollow) aluminum door that is powder coated, meaning the finish is baked it. It is very weather resistant, comes in an array of colors including white, almond, putty (a greyish-brownish color), tan, hartford (forest) green, cranberry, sandstone (brick mortar color), black, and brown. You’ll have 4 different color handle sets to choose from including brushed nickel (silver), bright brass, antique brass, and aged bronze (dark black/brown).


This is a high quality door. Like most of Larson’s products this door has the easy hang system. That means an untrained person can install it in under 4 hours, or for a highly experienced person like me it takes about 20 minutes. The door handle template is already pre-bored  and pre-mortised in the door frame so you don’t have to drill out for the door handles using a 3/4″ spade bit. As mentioned before, the door finished is baked on, so it will last many years and resist fading. Since it’s metal, it durable. It has 2 door closers that help close the door since it is higher end, so you can adjust the door speed to get a slight pause in it or gt it to close as fast as you want it. These closers also add a little structural stability as well.


The downside to this door is the the way the glass/screen are held into place. There are 2 fairly flimsy retainer strips that are used to secure it on the inside of the door. They are fairly easy to install/uninstall, but they seem to be cheaply made. Overtime and with exposure to hot/cold, I don’t think the plastic will last more than a few years. Also, there are only 2 vertical retaining strips holding the glass into the door. There is nothing along the top or bottom of the glass. To me, that’s not the best way to secure or seal the door.

Also, Larson has come out with a new “hidden” closer system. Instead of having the 2 door closers mounted at the top and bottom of the door on the inside, this new system actually mounts inside of the top of the door itself and connects to the top rail frame. When the door is closed, you can’t see it. While I think this is a good concept, it remains to be seen if it will actually work in reality. For now, I can foresee too much wrong with it long term. If the closer arm bends for any reason, the door itself won’t be able to close. It will be a pain in the neck to adjust the speed, and impossible if you don’t have 6-9 inches of clearance between the top of your door and the roof because you need enough clearance to get a flat head screwdriver to stand vertically. If you’re really into the hidden closer system, I’d wait a year or so before buying then revisit and see if they got the bugs worked out.

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Larson Signature Series Storm Door
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  • Shirley Hetherington says:

    I have a Larson storm door and am partially happy with it.
    First, it closes very quickly hitting people before they can enter.
    Secondly, the plastic inserts on the side have melted and cannot be replaced. Larson sent me their new plastic holders but they do not work with my door. I thought this would be a no problem door, but, it is not. It is attractive, but, parts cannot be obtained for me to replace.

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