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The Secure Elegance line of storm doors is Larson’s version of a security door with out the security door look. Personally, I love these doors as security doors. They lack the the look of traditional security doors with all of the iron bars as well as the prison feel. Even though they are made of aluminum, good good luck getting through these doors.

There’s a dual layer of glass with a security laminate film between each. I have no idea what it is made of, but it makes the glass pretty much impenetrable. Once I was able to test this theory in person. I removed an old door from a client’s house and instead of adding it to my stack of storm doors to recycle in my garage, I decided to try and break through this door.

I set it up, donned the protective eye wear (safety first), and grabbed a 3lb mini sledge hammer. This was going to be fun.

The first blow bounced just off the glass. The door started laughing at me as if to say “is that all you got?” For the next 4-5 minutes I took out all of the days frustration on that door. By the end of my time, I was so tired I couldn’t lift the hammer anymore. And the door? Well, I had successfully cracked the out layer of glass, and a dew pieces of glass had fallen to the ground. The inner layer of glass was still completely in tact. I was completely impressed. My conclusion: if a burglar did get through this door, you’d probably come home and find him sleeping on the couch because he used so much energy breaking in he wouldn’t have any energy left to steal anything.

As if the glass in itself weren’t enough security, this door also has a 3-point lock down system. When locked, there are 2 hooks that come out of the door itself and lock into the door frame. I once had the displeasure of trying to open one of these doors after the locking mechanism failed in the locked position. I actually had to take a grinder and cut the door apart to get it to unlock. Pretty sure no thief would take the time to do that.

As for the weaknesses of the door, well, the lock mechanism is a bit harder to work because it is so big and heavy. Older people and those with arthritis may have a hard time engaging the system due to the amount of force and turning required (you have to forcefully pull up on the door handle and turn the deadbolt to get it to lock down). But that’s really the only weakness I see.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a security door that doesn’t look like one, definitely get the Larson Secure Elegance.


  • Impenetrable dual layer of security glass
  • 3-point locking system
  • Aluminum construction
  • Doesn’t look like a security door because it doesn’t have all the bars
  • Easy to clean the glass (unlike other security doors)


  • Does not ventilate – can’t put a screen in it.
  • 3-point locking system can be hard to operate if you are old or have arthritis.
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Larson Secure Elegance Storm Door
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