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Picture of a white Larson Tradewinds storm door with brass handle and expander.“If you want the best, you have to be the best.”

In the world of storm doors, the Larson Tradewinds storm door is the top of line. While it is not the most expensive, it is the most durable, easy to maintain, is the easiest to use, and looks the best all at the best price.

These full view doors are about 1 1/2″ thick, extruded (another word for ‘hollow’) aluminum, and are built to last. Since it has aluminum construction, it won’t fade, rust, or degrade over the years like traditional plastic or vinyl storm doors. Since it is so thick, it also provides a better seal helping to keep hot air in the house during the winter, and the hot air of the summer time outside.

Another great feature is the brilliant way Larson has designed the glass and retractable screen. With the hideaway screen there is no more of this changing the glass and the screen out as the seasons change. This is great, especially if you live in places like Colorado, when you can have multiple seasons all in the same day. You simply pull on the lever in the middle of the door to disengage the top window, then grab the large handle on the top window to pull it down, thus revealing the screen. And the screen will stay exactly where you put it. So feel free to leave the window all the way down if you are trying to get a lot of ventilation, or just crack it a little bit.

Ready to buy one? CLICK HERE to buy one from Lowe’s online.


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6 Responses to Larson Tradewinds Storm Door Review

  • Storm door guy I have a problem with the wind ripping the storm door open right out of my hands and the way our house is made it would be a problem to change the opening of the front door.
    Does anyone make an affordable storm door that is wind proof?Thanks

    • SDG says:

      That would be a million dollar idea. No one makes a wind proof door. The best they’ve come up with is a wind chain door stop, but if seen winds so powerful they break the chain. It really is a problem of torque. The winds hyper-extend the door, then all that force goes to the door closers, and ultimately the 3-4 screws that mount the storm door closers to the entry door jamb, ripping them out and damaging the entry door jamb.

  • Rosemary Clark says:

    Hi Storm door guy, I’m looking to purchase a new storm door for the front of my house. I get full sun and I have no overhang to protect it from the elements. I live in NJ so we get it all, snow rain etc. Would you recommend the Larson Tradewinds for my situation? Or do you have a better recommendation? ( I have to have a screen in it too.) Thank you!!

    • SDG says:

      The tradewinds would be a great door, especially since the screen self stores. Because of the way your home faces, any storm doors useful life will be shortened due to the weather. Tradewinds is a smart choice because it is extruded aluminum, which means it won’t degrade like a wood core. The door is powder coated, which means it won’t fade. The hardware will fade, but you can replace that every few years for about $25. Just make sure during the hot months of the summer you leave the top window cracked a little bit to allow the air trapped between the storm door and your entry door to vent. Tradewinds would be the smartest buy in my mind. Good luck!

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