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The most important step in getting a storm door is ordering the right size!


During our Site Inspection we check your door opening(s) for obstructions like porch lights, soffits, doorbells, siding, or anything else that may get in the way of the storm door from opening. We check the existing door framing and trim to ensure the right type is installed and it is in good condition.


Next, we check if any modifications are needed to the door opening to get a storm door to fit by building out the door jambs or removing material to widen the opening.


Then we inspect the sill and threshold to make sure it extends far enough to be a good seal at the bottom of the new door.


Finally, we measure the opening and tell you if we can get a standard size door to fit or if you'll have to order a custom size.


When we are finished, we email you the Site Measurement summary which contains the exact measurements, door information, and additional materials you will need along with an upfront estimate of our installation costs.


Most Site Inspections do not even require you to be there as we can access everything we need from the outside.


If you want a specific time window, just call the office and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you with our first available appointment time.

Our Service Area

We install storm doors, security doors, and screen doors in the metro Denver, Colorado  area, including:

Services NOT Offered

While we focus on storm door installations, there are a few services we do not offer:

  • Maintenance and repair on existing doors. 

  • Painting, sanding, staining, and finishing.

  • Masonry work or siding repair, installation, or servicing.

  • Installation on stucco or stucco repair.

If you need any of these additional services, you can find a contractor by CLICKING HERE.

NOTE: There is a Site Inspection fee of $35. This charge will be credited back toward your project if you choose to use us for your installation.

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