Beyond the door's cosmetic features, the developers put plenty of time and money into researching and developing the design and materials needed to make sure that you and your family are protected from any adverse weather conditions. By doing so, they are happy to offer you a Lifetime Limited Warranty, covering the paint, door frame, and the hinges. 

Though each door is completely customized, your particular door will come to you pre-assembled. In order to completely install the door on your own, all you will need is a few basic tools you likely have at home and about forty-five minutes of your time.

Widely known as the fastest and easiest storm door to install, Andersen actually trademarked "45 Minute Easy Install" for the purposes of its 3000 series lineup.

A deeper overview of the door's key features and customization options are provided in the following section.


Circling back to the durability of the 3000 series doors, the frame is constructed with 1.5" thick aluminum. 

The frame also has built-in reinforced corners for flawlessly smooth operation in the long-run. 

Even further, included in the door is an additional seal for the side edge of the handle for additional protection from the weather.

Double layer weatherstripping is then added along each side of the door, as well as on the top and bottom to ensure a weather tight fit.

In case you were wondering, yes, the door does come with a lock, specifically a built-in keyed deadbolt lock.

Customization Options

Although the storm door comes preassembled, the amount of customization offered allows you to get creative in designing your door. 

For the 3000 Series doors, you are able to select the color of paint finish on the frame of the door itself, the style of door handle you want, the color of the door handle, and the type and style of glass.

Frame Colors
  • White

  • Almond

  • Sandtone

  • Bronze

  • Forest Green

  • Terratone

  • Black

  • Cinnamon Toast

Handle Styles

When customizing your door, you're able to choose between a traditional style (curved) or the more modern style (straight) handle.

Each handle style actually has a different variety of color finishes to choose from, allowing you to customize your door even further.

Traditional Handle Finishes

  • Oil Rubbed Bronze

  • Brass

  • Nickel

  • Antique Brass

  • Matte Black


Modern Handle Finishes

  • Matte Black

  • Brushed French Gold

  • Brushed Dark Nickel

  • Venetian Bronze

  • Metallic Stone


Glass Style

  • Clear Glass

  • Low-E Clear Glass

  • V-Groove Deco Glass

  • Diamond Lights Deco Glass

  • Straight Nickel Deco Glass

The Screen

Featured with the 3000 Series lineup of doors is the one-hand retractable screen. The screen was designed to conveniently roll back into the frame of the door when not in use. This feature was made carefully with materials to ensure a long-lasting, smooth function of the screen.

Push-button Closer

Many doors nowadays include a closing feature on the bottom of the frame, but not many storm doors opt-in to include this feature.

Andersen designed a metal, heavy-duty, adjustable push-button closer for its 3000 Series so that users can hold the door open or close the door completely hands free.


In Summary

Overall, the 3000 Series doors delivery great quality, value, and customization options compared to other doors. It's no surprise that this specific door is the most popular on the market to date.

Compiled below are some of the pros and cons of the door:



  • Lifetime warranty on the frame, paint, and handle

  • Extremely durable

  • Very easy to install

  • Seemingly endless customization



  • Only exclusive to purchase through The Home Depot

  • Some of the smaller components of the door are only covered by a 5 year warranty

  • Before you purchase this door, please make sure that you measure correctly so that you don't run into any speed bumps during installation.

  • For an easy to understand graphical measuring guide, you can visit Briefly scanning the guide gives you more than enough information to decide whether or not this specific door will fit your doorframe.

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