There is no doubt that security is paramount in your house or even office. You should purchase a quality door which is not easy to break and that which has enhanced security features. There is no doubt that the self-storing door is a unique door which has impressive a fantastic design and also the door has fantastic features.


Without any further delay, let’s take a look at the nitty-gritty of this particular door



The self-storing door 2500 series come in several colors which are:


  • White

  • Almond

  • Bronze

  • Sandstone

  • Forest green

  • Black

In addition to that, this door comes with quality handle sets which have attractive finishes that are pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, you only have two options here: Brass and Nickel.


  • Metal Corner Brackets

    • The brackets are usually reinforced to enhance a long-lasting and smooth operation of the door. This is a unique feature which isn't found in most of the doors in our present market.

  • Weatherstripping Layer

    • The Andersen self-storing door 2500 series is fitted with a single layer on the top, bottom and also on the sides to mitigate drafts. Drafts may result from wearing and tearing of the door.

  • Easy Installation

    • The installation process of this door is simple. The process usually takes a maximum of 2 hours. You will only need some basic tools to install the door; thus, there is no need to invite a technician to aid you in the installation of the door.

  • Push-button Closer

    • There is a push-button closer fitted at the bottom of the door. When the closer is depressed, the door will remain in its open position. The rod fitted on the closer will automatically withdraw back into the close cylinder, and the door will immediately close by itself.

  • Insect Screen

    • The storm door is fitted with a one-hand retractable screen which is designed to enhance the smooth operation of the door. The screen will enhance the privacy of your premises since you can roll it down, and it will roll down into the door frame. The insect screen will also enhance the durability of the door.



Since the Andersen company is renowned for the production of quality products, upon purchase of this door, you are given a warranty to cover for any defects that you may experience on the door. The company will offer you a lifetime warranty which will cover for hinges, door frame and not forgetting the door frame. In addition to that, you are also given a warranty of five years which is meant to cover for any other components.


Key Installation Tools Required

As earlier mentioned, this self- storing storm door has an easy installation process. For the installation process, you will only require a drill, screwdriver, hammer, chisel, centre punch, pencil, drill bit, and not forgetting safety glasses.

Why Choose Andersen Doors



The company is renowned for the production of quality doors which have an enhanced durability level. The 2500 series self-storing door hasn’t been left behind. It has been made of quality material which enhances its durability level.


Flexible Designs

You can easily use the design tool found on the company's website to design your door. You will be able also to add your ideal texture to the design of your door. When designing your door, you may also include some additional features that will enable your door to stand out.

Quality Locks

The locks of the 2500 series self-storing doors are secure thus they can't be easily broken. It is also worth noting that the original key can only open the locks of the doors. This will mitigate any chances of theft in your premises since the door can't be opened via a master key.

  • Easy installation process

  • Wide variety of colours to choose from

  • Enhanced durability level

  • Quality and secure locks

  • You can design your door.


  • Full-screen doors tend to be more expensive.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that self-storing doors are gaining popularity in the market each day. The doors usually have an enhanced security level which will play a key role in safeguarding your property. The 2500 series storm door is a unique door which has amazing feature.

Our general rule of thumb is that when choosing a door, choose one which has enhanced security features and that which has an enhanced durability level.

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